Indigo Bodies

These days, world moved from rationing & recovery to optimism & abundance. Due to economic situation of the world, every day we are exposed to different products in each market categories.
In the days of rise of women, we want to give the comfort with sexiness to them & we prepared a collection with the philosophy “You don’t have to be born with a movie star look to resemble one”. (3)
The fabrics are completely feminine with the elasticity value up to 60%.
Under this collection we have a very interesting subconcept: Denim Skin. The subconcept consists of fabrics which have excellent recovery; around 110% ! and elasticity values goes up to 70 - 80% ! Plus they have lower shrinkage values but have a wider width.
The amount of modal fiber in fabric compositions has been increased in wider ounce and color range. A new striking summer color, Babyblue by Bossa Denim  has a light and charming redish shade.
They have soft handfeel & keep body in shape. These ultra stretch fabrics are like a second skin to women !