Make Up

The color is seen with everything we are. However, the experience of each color is different than each other. Such as red can be described as warmth or danger, romance or hate, depending on the cultural & personal environment in which it appears. & what red can express is different from the expression of blues & greens, or the yellows & oranges. “The resonance of any shade across the spectrum shifts & develops according to the context in which it appears.”

The evolution of color is fascinating to watch. Bossa SS15 collection Make Up concept diagnoses hundreds of centuries of human evolution.

Because the color is such a fundamental element in human experience, this concept about colorful denims ends up being a concept about human experience itself.” With this collection, we want our customers to have this experience with rigid & stretch fabrics coated articles in a variety of different ounces. We preferred a unique engineered construction as base to break the harshness of the denim fabric.

Moreover, we worked with a new coating material to achieve a better hand feel. Alongside, these new developments, F2F and Sulphur coatings continue to be available in the new collection.