Somebody To Love

Reflecting the spirit of ‘70s, “liberation from the ordinary” is the first noticeable feature of the theme. Before 70s, jeans were used for working class; farmers and others who toiled outside in the dirt and mud. But when the casualness of the late 1960s made its way into the next decade, jeans in 70s weaseled their way into the closets of mainstream America. Especially, young people started wearing jeans daily and slowly began adding them as a fashion item.

The collection draws the attention of the lifestyle in the ‘70s which most deeply affected fashion by political and cultural changes. Bohemian style that hippies embraced rebel, peace, love, art-loving and carefree but at the same time noble way of life is reflected. The free style clothes worn to get rid of the negative spirit of the period reinterpreted and a more vibrant skyline was created. Bringing the effects of that time by more modern lines, high waist fits is designed for people who knows how to enjoy life and who have a free style, you will find a lot of different multiple washes so that the customers can choose a lighter-colored pair of jeans not limiting themselves to the dark indigo color of days gone by. The qualities are avaliable in rigid and comfort stretch forms suitable for both men and women.

Bare dirty feet dancing on dusty grass, rings on all fingers, long hairs swing around, feeling high on freedom and happiness while the rock band Jefferson Airplane is singing “Somebody To Love”. This is a perfect time to enjoy the incredible irressistible denim in that very sexy and particularly wild sort of way.