Today, Research and Development are core parts of the modern business world. They are essential in the textile sector as the level of competition, production processes and methods are rapidly increasing.

As a pioneer fashion supplier in business since 1951, Bossa gives strategic importance to R&D and innovation. Bossa creates value for its customers and offers products beyond their expectations with its R&D and innovation efforts.

We think R&D as continuous development that includes the reduction of process costs such as energy, water, labour, process time, usage of raw materials and of auxiliary products in each and every department of our company. Bossa continuously observes the market for modern trends and analyzes the needs, demands and desires of its customers.

With sustainability at the core of our R&D operations, we give importance to the needs of the future generations and to raising awareness on environmental issues. Therefore, Bossa implements key ecological projects that promote innovation and sustainability.

Bossa undertakes R&D and innovation operations in three steps; Analysis, Development and Project Design and Output.